Sunday, May 3, 2009

RPM #09 "RANGER YELLOW, Part 2": Wedding Woes

LOVED the guys fighting Grinders unmorphed while talking about the recent events and how it continued after they morphed. Perfect job fitting the ADR lines.

Nice wrap-up of Summer's backstory. Andrews dying right there on screen was quite a surprise. LOL at him on a block of legos. >_>

Was expecting Summer to actually have joined the medical team, but just deciding on-the-spot to save Scott was OK too. Great job intertwining a few clips from previous eps.

Don't really like 25 second zord battles, but it did make more time for other scenes, like the awesome fight in the Garage amidst the wedding stuff. I'd hate to say it, but it sorta reminded me of "THREE'S A CROWD" (the episode with Wedding Dress Org). <_< It's a nice change having an episode with less morphed stuff for once.

I'd put Part 2 a bit lower than Part 1 overall, mostly for being sick of Summer's parents attitude when the episode began and Chaz' royalty -- I wasn't feeling.

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