Sunday, July 19, 2009

RPM #17 "PRISONERS": Go For 'Boom Time'

Great episode. Enjoyed the plot again -- and tied in with more of Dillon's backstory only made it better.

It's moments like Ziggy stumbling to get outta the slave clothes that I really appreciate from the writers. It was cute when he and Summer both called front seat. ^_^

Shadow puppets save the day!

The only complaint has to be Saw-Bot getting defeated quickly after the core 5 had so much trouble with him. An entire episode for this (similar to some of the old ones in the later Saban years) would've been nice -- on the other hand, the more time spent on story is great too.

I kinda like Gem and Gemma always showing up already morphed, but it'll be nice when we finally see their morph and the suits case expands to include them (I'm guessing the big group shot at the at the start of the theme is from the next ep).

I just can't say enough how phenomenal it is how well this shows written and how great these characters are. 5/5.

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