Tuesday, April 26, 2011

S-10.18 "Booster"

Liked how Clark trying to work out his new persona connected with Booster Gold and what he was going through. Going in the direction of getting people to think that there's no way Clark can be the Blur this close to the end is an interesting choice. I'm finding it kinda funny and am not surprised Cat Grant bought into it easily. Also, I liked how Cat pretended to be one of Booster's girls and how Clark had to save her. The Blue Beetle tech sneaking away with Jamie and taking over him was cool too.

This was a nice light-hearted episode before the impending doom and gloom. I enjoyed how it progressed and learning about Booster's struggles. Wasn't sure if they'd really get into his background. Bonus points for the phonebooth sequence and Booster's suggestion about using "super."

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