Friday, May 27, 2011


Antonio reminds me of Trent, between the color theme and the look. And DinoThunder was the last time we had a 6th Ranger with a separate morph. I like it better this way.

Great humor with Antonio having to make space to pose with the others before morphing. But again, certain scenes just don't feel right on this show. I didn't think his grand entrance in Shiba House and speech about joining the team was that good, nor how hard they were on him about not being a "real Samurai" purely to build drama in the episode.

Hopefully the Gold Ranger instant replays won't be around much longer, but I'll let that slide since it is for the target audience. And I'd say we're missing a morphing grid reference here to explain how Antonio made a working morpher. Why gold power, anyway?

It was still good for the most part. I do like the direction the show is in and I'm digging Antonio's excellente attitude. 4/5


Great episode. Solid plot with a good sense of danger & urgency and a nice intro for Clawzord. Liked Splitface's attacks and how Antonio used the electronic symbol power as a magnet to get him out of the Netherworld.

The compass directions and spinning wheel is kinda weird, but it does sorta go with Antonio's upbeat personality.

The episode worked even better without pausing the action for a Bulk & Spike scene (The Pink Ranger fantasies are funny but we could've done without Sammy being kidnapped in Blue and the Gold as a means to include them). Throw in a little more backstory with Deker, plus some improved acting and I'd say we're golden. 5/5

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