Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai "ORIGINS": Opening Act

Part I was just alright. Way too much translating. I didn't really like Ji's magical arrows or Jayden creating the horse.

The Red Ranger bit was funny and I liked that the zords were used individually for the first fight.

For being the original first episode when they were just starting out, it was pretty much what I expected and did a semi-decent job of setting up the season, enough that I'll give it a 3/5. If this had aired as the first episode, I wouldn't have been that excited but it would've been nice to see the first morph and clips from the promos on TV MUCH sooner.

Part II was a lot better and really worked I thought.

I expected Bulk would arrive in the city with Spike for a new adventure or something, so it was a nice surprise that he was already there awaiting Spike's arrival. Bonus points to Tony Oliver for mentioning Skull and Bulk's history with the Power Rangers.

The line delivery was still bad and Jayden not looking for Emily with the others could've had an explanation. I did like the focus on her and the morphed battle with Jayden rescuing the girl. The original scenes and background matched up with Shinkenger good I thought.

... Totem Pole Megazord? Haha.

This episode setup the characters pretty well and was pretty on-par with other "2nd episodes" PR's done - enough for me for an easy 4/5. Just wish it had aired in the proper place.

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