Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Looking Back: Power Rangers Zeo

Some of the earliest memories I have of being a Ranger fan come from 1996. The command center destruction to end Mighty Morphin left a lot of anticipation and imagining about how the show would continue. It was exciting - I never knew what was coming next back then as I began saving new episodes on tape.

Teasers aired alongside MMPR reruns in the break between seasons (focusing mostly on Rita & Zedd and the incoming machine army invasion) and Power Rangers Zeo kicked off April 20. The first-half (which aired Saturday mornings in the spring) was mostly filler episodes and got dull pretty quick. I still remember getting up early to watch it, while my sister and mom would be out shopping.

The second-half aired weekdays in the fall and things really picked up with the debut of the Gold Ranger (what I still consider one of the greatest storylines in 19 seasons), as well as other creative episodes.

A slow start, but some great storylines & episodes later on and still kind of the beginning of me being a big Ranger fan. Check out my tribute to the story, and characters, complete with a Gold Ranger music video:

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