Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week of Ranger Bar 3: Roggé n' May Day

The hype was big for this Week of Ranger Bar with Power Rangers cast Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed Rescue) and Monica May (Z, S.P.D.) joining us part of the week. The extra space from having Site B now would come in handy as well.

I got to Tacoma just after 10:30 PM as the "Master Vile Villain Ball" was underway at Ranger Bar HQ. Batz put out the cookies & snacks I gave him ahead of time and for awhile it was pretty much us, Lil Sorbo and Kabuki Kelsey. Micah & Cora came by later and in a surprise, Tron arrived from New Orleans earlier than expected.

We stocked up at the grocery store so Tron could get ready for Monday night and then chilled at Site B. We had a fun tournament of the Power Rangers Legacy Wars mobile game, played the board game Pandemic, watched Hunter and had frozen pizza. After 11 PM the fog machine got rolling once again at Ranger Bar for the second "SlutRanger's Smokedown Experience" and we had a trivia contest.

Batz brought Ron to Ranger Bar around 5:45 and Monica soon after (Both stayed at a hotel not far). We all pretty much hungout, watched some episodes of Lightspeed Rescue on VHS and S.P.D. Micah, Cora and a handful of others gradually came over and Ron signed photos for everyone he brought for free. After 10:00 most of us headed over to Site B for the 7th Annual Fancy Dinner Dress Party. Master Chef Tron (with the help of Lil Sorbo) served up half a dozen courses for us, all connected to Power Rangers. Back at Ranger Bar afterwards, Batz put on DuckTales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.

Batz put on The Neverending Story and we later went out to the waterfront for awhile. That evening we had a nice BBQ at the Ranger Bar, with Ron & Monica, and a couple others who stopped by (including a rare Shock Top Steve appearance). Monica signed some photos. Like at Week of Ranger Bar 2, we headed over to the bridge in Tacoma to see some fireworks after it got dark. Back at Site B, Monica - a professional burlesque dancer around the Los Angeles area - did a special performance in a Yellow Ranger suit. After everyone left and Ron & Monica said their goodbyes (who left Washington Wednesday evening), we played more Legacy Wars and had Dominos.

Back at Ranger Bar later in the day, we settled on watching Spider-Man 1 & 2, and Batz fixed us a taco bar & nachos. We also did the "My Two Dads Murder Mystery" and Ranger Bar's mobile game, "SlutRanger's Quest" made its official debut.

We headed out to Tricky's toy shop, and I picked up a Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibo at Toys R Us plus the Power Rangers Movie at Best Buy. Later, we got burgers at Sonic on the way to dropping Tron off at the airport. Batz, Kabuki, Lil Sorbo and myself then drove out to Ashford (at the bottom of Mt. Rainer) to stay the night at a Wellspring cabin.

We left Ashford in the early afternoon Friday and stopped at Recycled Spirits of Iron Park to take a bunch of photos, followed by lunch at the train restaurant. That evening, Batz put on the "Beetleborgs Bahama Brunch" at Site B to closeout the week and I left Tacoma Saturday afternoon.

I hadn't really spent a lot of time with mobile games before Legacy Wars, but having it to kill some downtime was nice and gave me something to do besides checking in on social media. Now an exciting year for Ranger Bar lies ahead as the 10th anniversary approaches. Thanks to the team - Batz, Tron, Kabuki and Lil Sorbo for another great week. 😎 Photos & video

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