Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Super Stale Ninja Steel

Super Ninja Steel began just as bad as the end of the first-half, on par with Super Megaforce for bad anniversary seasons. First I gotta say, they really put together a great intro this year, I feel like one of the best since the original classic era. The presentation and flow of the clips is just perfect to me.

I liked how they tied directly into the end of Dino Super Charge with Sledge & crew coming out of the wormhole and taking the asteroid after Odius had it stripped. Things did get a bit sloppy, saying both "super ninja steel" and "ninja super steel," as well as Badonna switching groups, when we obviously never saw her before this. Once we returned to Summer Cove High School, things just went downhill. A new school year? Really? We're supposed to believe Odius waited about 9 months?! I do like having her as the main villain this year and never have I rooted for the enemy so much.

The Rangers fighting without their powers was good and I wish had gone on longer but instead getting new Ninja Power Stars was rushed and badly executed. And sure, a lot of exposition is nothing new, but it felt like they were really pushing it, trying too hard to make it clear what was going on. One of the worst midseason premieres of the Super halves. If only they could be two parts like the first premiere.

From there it didn't get much better with episodes continuing to be bogged down by lame plots. Calvin forgetting his anniversary with Hayley, thinking she was cheating on him with Preston, the Summer Cove students & Rangers becoming addicted to a handheld video game... We did get a good Levi episode mixed in (easily the best this year) and Sarah's mom & Hayley's dad kind of getting together was alright too. I like the Galactic Ninjas and Odius taking the power medallions, as well as having another episode with Sarah & her hoverboard. We barely get midseason cliffhangers anymore and ending the spring episodes with Odius defeating the Lion Fire Megazord & burning out the zord stars was pretty good. The bar is set so low now though and it's looking like we'll be back to lame fillers after "OUTFOXED" & "DIMENSIONS IN DANGER." Plus I enjoy how the BGM switched to a full on MMPR ripoff, but they're kind of crossing the line using a very similar Bulk & Skull theme for Victor & Monty.

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