Sunday, April 6, 2008

"WAY OF THE MASTER" (PR-1608): Phantastic

This was another one I enjoyed. As much as I would've liked Elephant Ranger, Master Phant being a cranky old guy worked just fine. I liked his story about being too old for the academy and basically forced into retirement. And how it took a surprise attack on Lily to get him to unleash the elephant.

"Jungle Pride with Elephant Power?" Meh... Should be "Elephant Armor" or "Elephant Mode."

I enjoyed how the Jungle Mace was used by Lily and then with the Megazord.

Ooooh, the Kenma Bracelet! Why wasn't it hinted at sooner? That's right, Dai Shi... Get out and DO SOMETHING.

The break from JKP was good too after the past few episodes.

Even Flit isn't so bad now. I'm more annoyed by the fact he's not being used to give the play-by-play to Dai Shi or RJ.

Sounds like Master Phant will return again as Lily told him they may need his help again someday. I'm expecting all the Masters will be involved in the final battle if they really are gonna have a big finale.

The "Go-onger" bike is still crap, but it was small compared to rest of a well done episode. 4/5

And, one point I thought I'd mention that Chris Funaro recently talked about on Rangercast is that Dai Shi basically morphs by channeling his Black Lion spirit. No morph call or anything. Therefore, if the Rangers hadn't received their morphers, they too should be able to morph without anything. I kinda feel like Dai Shi should say "Black Lion Power!" or "By the Power of the Black Lion!" when he morphs. As for Camille, I like her new morph, but why are we just getting it now? She too should say something like "By the Power of the Chameleon!" or just insta-morph like before.

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