Sunday, April 19, 2009

RPM #07 "RANGER RED": Flying Low

This episode sorta put me on the fence. While part of it was good, part of it was just weird too.

Scott getting in some screentime with Ziggy and showing him the ropes was nice. Using the stroller against the Grinders was funny, but just felt kinda wrong, I thought, with the baby inside.

Pretty decent flashbacks for Scott. I especially liked how he witnessed his brothers death when the jet exploded. Didn't really like how he was able to return to the crash site a year later and find the envelope still there. And really bad CGI. >_>

Wasted chance for a full screen of Scott's complete morph.

Cool intro for the CrocCrawler.

3/5 overall. Every season -- no matter how good -- has a plot or something I don't care much about and it doesn't help that aviation doesn't interest me.

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