Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smallville Season Finale "Salvation"

This was absolute salvation for Bloomsday and Jor-El's Fortress self-destruct.

Future Metropolis! Good to know for sure Lex is alive. Considering they went to the trouble of using doubles/voice alteration before, I gotta think they'll involve him in the story next year, especially if it is indeed planned all year as the end. Also loved how they vaguely showed Superman (was too excited the first time to realize you could see him taking control of the plane). And Martha's present... Just beautiful. ^_^

Liked how Zod again tried to pose as the Blur, but pushed too hard and Lois figured it out. Good "Charade" callback.

I was surprised Waller/Checkmate remnants weren't in this at all. Initially thought the person knitting was her keeping a low profile. And what happens with Tess now?

The cameos... Not what I was really expecting (Knew it would happen when only Vala and Basquat were actually credited). Nonetheless, it was still cool to see Watchtower rallying the troops. Perhaps they'll save the real JSA/JL teamup for when the shows actually ending?

Holy crap, Lois saw the journal! Great end to the Lois/Blur story. The way Clark told her by kissing her was excellent and as always, the creative shadowing really added to the scene. Now, will she get mindwiped or some crap? >_>

Clark vs Zod! A real throwdown at last!

Personally hope it's John Jones who flies in to save Clark. I could see him offering advice while he's injured.

What a season. The alternate future, flashbacks on Kandor, JSA, reveal of Checkmate's plans, Maxwell Lord coming in as the Black King and Martha as the Red Queen really made for a fantastic year. I enjoyed having Zod and the Kandorians around much of the time... plus it was great to have Lois in more episodes finally and our martian manhunter with powers. I hadn't been this excited since season 5 and the whole thing with Fine/Brainiac.

I love how far the show has come, with Clark facing more and more who he'll become... and having to balance the relationship with Lois and the one she had with the Blur. I still never expected them to go as far as they did with Lois and Clark's double identity.

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