Sunday, March 13, 2011

PRS #05 "A FISH OUT OF WATER": True Blue to the Rescue

I really liked this one. The plot just really worked for me -- how Yamiror made the Rangers sick and Kevin had to retrieve the Swordfish Zord to save them. Yeah, the fisherman was kinda random (Kevin could've told him he was a Ranger), but I'm used to this sorta thing on PR.

I love when our heros get beaten badly and demorph in battle. Saban's doing a great job of having the Rangers dirty and not always remain clean cut like before.

5/5. I don't think there'll be many focus episodes that I'll like more than this.

Also check out episode 5 of my podcast, talking about some early thoughts of Power Rangers Samurai, "THE TEAM UNITES" and "DEAL WITH A NIGHLOK."

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