Thursday, September 18, 2014

ShyRanger's Top 10 Red Rangers

10. Jack (S.P.D.)
He was kind of a jerk, bringing character and personality to a good, diverse cast.

9. Eric (Time Force)
Eric still has one of best 6th Ranger story arcs to date and rightfully deserves to be counted as a Red Ranger.

8. Rocky (MMPR)
He just wants to have fun and knows how to do it while still kicking butt.

7. Tommy (Zeo)
Way back when Tommy was still my favorite Ranger and I enjoyed the arrowhead storyline.

6. Scott (RPM)
Taking orders from Dr. K and his father, while facing the death of his brother and the apocalypse - Scott had a lot going for him.

5. TJ (Turbo)
He was only a leader for a short time but TJ took on the position with a fun attitude and will forever be the true Red Turbo Ranger. (And who else can say they got baked into a giant pizza?)

4. Leo (Lost Galaxy)
Leo saved Earth and Mirinoi, and basically self destructed the battlizer to defeat Trakeena. And to think he started out as a stowaway on Terra Venture.

3. Jason (MMPR)
Besides being the original - putting up with Rita and fighting Goldar in the Dark Dimension gets my vote any day.

2. Andros (In Space)
He was the original Space Ranger with a huge Megaship and would have some of the best storylines ever. HELL YES.

1. Wes (Time Force)
Fighting to save the future and let go of his fathers wishes while a relationship bloomed, Wes is the man at #1.

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