Friday, October 17, 2014

Super Mega Roundup: "SILVER LINING" through "IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT"

Since Orion's debut, I've had the sense that everyone working on the show has pretty much given up... I can only imagine due to an ongoing battle between the staff wanting to do more originality vs Tzachor only caring about putting out the product. I thought "UNITED WE STAND" made it clear their had to be a lot of issues going on. First off, "SILVER LINING"...

It started off slow, with too much padding. Why did the Rangers never think to ask about Robo Knight?! Part 1 was pretty bland (earning a 3/5) and things got better in Part 2. It was great to see someone on this show actually have a backstory. It reminded me of Tyzonn but without all the buildup like he had. Great unmorphed scenes in this too. It was going so well... until finding out the 6th Ranger keys were on the walls all this time started to ruin it for me. The way Orion was given Q-Rex doesn't sit well with me either since we're supposed to believe it comes from Time Force. They could've done more with the dream footage and had Quantum, MM Green and DT White give Orion their power to help him decide to take on the armada, instead of just randomly having the zord modes connected to MM and DT for no reason. >_<

But I can't fault them for giving Orion an original backstory and giving the cast more to do, which helped make for one of the best episodes of Megaforce. 4/5

"POWER OF SIX" was kind of a step down, back to a 3/5. Orion living in a locker is silly and Jake blaming himself was kind of weak. RPM Gold and Silver combining wasn't written very well. Best part was Jake's line when he used New Powers Prism.

"THE PERFECT STORM" had some great civilian scenes and use of the mall. But the plot revolving around Tensou was forgettable - a waste of time we can't afford with only 20 episodes. Plus having White Ranger be separate from Dairanger, and basically namedropping sentai was just weird. 3/5

 "LOVE IS IN THE AIR" was the most ridiculous episode of Megaforce yet. Very amusing I gotta say. Probably adapted because of the Zyuranger change. I love that they did a lot of original footage around it, including recreating the armada ship. But choosing to ignore Orion felt lazy, unless it was a budget thing - and even then they didn't have to ignore him.

The one liners and attention to Jake/Gia were especially great in this. Fun use of Turbo as well. I was kind of surprised the Megazord spinout attack was overlooked, since you'd think that traffic light would've clued them in to reference Turbo and not use Super Mega. 4/5

Between the fact I love me some Christina Masterson (Have you seen her instagram?) and DinoThunder (which had one of the best original transformations they've done), I really liked parts of this episode and wanted to like it after. But reality quickly set in that the translators are just flat out giving up at this point. Plus it feels like they aren't even bothering to fill enough time anymore, which would explain the constant padding with full Megaforce morphs. :T

When Emma went to help the boy, I thought she'd, you know - talk to him, not just use the card for 2 seconds. They could've had her show up at the fight as MMPR Pink - and maybe have her defeat Desolar (since it was her focus episode) - or even just fight X Borgs. It wouldn't have had to be a big deal.

Unlocking the Megazord combination by mastering the DT powers and not making a single attempt at tying it in with the repair work felt extra cheap. It was also weird how they had to associate the Q-Rex with DT here which I'll blame on the fact Orion never should've been given the Q-Rex keys from Troy in the first place. And besides using the DT powers, I did enjoy Vekar with the cold, and Desolar's shrinking and growing being adapted here. Creating an inside for Legendary Megazord was cool. It's good enough for a 3/5 and I'm afraid things won't be much better in the homestretch.

"THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER... OR BLUER" wasn't that bad I thought. On one hand, I hate the lost potential of Gia/Jake switching. On the other hand, I liked how they made the footage work from making it Noah/Jake. The mention of Aquitar was cool and I still appreciate using morph calls as dialog filler during Legendary Ranger Mode.

Unfortunately, mindlessly "unlocking" the Ninja Storm zord (and without so much as even calling it minizord) ruined the episode for me. It wouldn't have made any more sense but they should've at least had Gosei say that Noah/Jake defeating or Noah's determination to complete the cannon unlocked the zord... somehow. I wouldn't have minded New Power Dragon so much if that wasn't clearly a mermaid. And the next minute, Troy is New Powers Blitz?! 3/5

"IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT" had some of the most all over the place ratings for an episode I think we had in awhile. Yeah, it was about as lazy as the past couple episodes have been. However, what I liked about this is how much the Gokaiger footage is fun to watch, which kind of bumps up my grade by default (to a 4/5 in the case). And Vekar has pretty much been the only Megaforce character written really well. I've seen most of Gokaiger by now and look forward to the adaptation of his final fight. :)

Every time they make it clear the Megaforce team are the ONLY protectors of Earth, it sounds like they're talking down to the kids and want them to believe there are no other Power Rangers (Obviously they aren't stupid and they'll see the finale).

I'm used to the Rangers not giving real people responses to anything but a bigger deal should've been made about the wormhole - even simply asking Gosei if it'd be safe. I always love seeing the cast in helmetless scenes and I liked the original footage while trying to capture Turbo Falcon. I'm glad they at least paid enough attention to know RPM zords don't talk but boy, they really started to push it.

Correct attack names would be nice but I look at it as some information simply isn't downloaded to the Rangers when they're using the powers... so I'm fine with letting things like "RPM Grand Prix" and "Dino Rampage" slide. And sure they could've used the Sky Ship but the end scene was still cute I thought.

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