Sunday, May 11, 2008

"PUSHED TO THE EDGE" (PR-1611): Conflicted Camille

You know what I love about this season? Actual villain focus. If you can't figure out how to write the Rangers, write the evil guys! This is what I used to enjoy about the old days so much, except there'd me more eps to work with obviously.

Lily can defeat Carden -- who didn't even have to return -- by herself (with a seldom used GekiYellow attack no less) and Casey again uses the bike on Rinshi. Oh boy. -_-

I liked how Camille, feeling down after being told how useless she was for the zillionth time, morphed into a normal blond and tried to lay low in JKP. Would've liked to see her keep up the disguise longer.

Camille said Jarrod? Oops. And she said she had no good in her, but couldn't kill Lily and helped Casey and Theo... >_>

Jellica was a pretty interesting villain right from the start. Good intro. Carnisoar was sure quick to quit the training after she took over.

Wow, the last scene was straight outta MMPR.


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